First Eco-Committee Meeting

The first Eco-committee meeting was held on the 22nd of September; it was attended by17 pupils and Miss Pinder, Mrs Tufnell and Mrs Matchwick.

Miss Pinder started the meeting with a welcome and WWF ambassador packs were given out to each member. We then went through the items from the previous meeting. After that we organised that Miss Pinder would email the Bursar asking for the new electrical readings.

Miss Pinder explained that we were very close to achieving the Gold Green Tree Award and that we just needed to visit a Woodland Trust wood and make a display to get the Award. If we achieve this we get a wooden plaque for the school.

Parents have suggested that another Science into Schools textile collection should be arranged for September as well as May. We then suggested that the signage on the bins around the school should be improved.

The leavers have given the school some Acer trees to plant along the top of ‘Bates’, which will hopefully be planted in the Autumn.

Harry Tufnell, Year 8