First Aid training for Elstree Leavers

Part of today’s Elstree Leavers’ Programme was some important First Aid training.  Two groups of boys completed the Red Cross First Aid Course, adapted especially for teenagers.

What did the Leavers learn about?

Many common ailments were covered such as anaphylaxis, burns, asthma, bleeding, broken bones, sprains and strains, choking, head injury, hypothermia, meningitis and care of an unconscious patient. 

Other important medical conditions such as cold water shock, drowning, alcohol problems and  accidents were also studied.  Unfortunately, these are issues that teenagers are more likely to encounter.

The Leavers all practised giving an adrenaline auto injector and demonstrated skill in CPR with compression and defibrillator.

The two groups were extremely engaged and interested and felt they had benefited from their session.

Leaver’s Programme

The Elstree Leavers’ Programme is designed for those children who have passed their Common Entrance (CE);  all the children have passed their CE to their first choice of Senior school.