First Aid Lessons for Year 4

On Saturday, lucky Year 4 was enriched with knowledge when taught First Aid for Beginners by Elstree’s Sister Cook. 

Knowing what to do

Carefully explaining what to do in a variety of First Aid situations, Sister Cook covered topics from nose bleeds and panic attacks to broken bones and hyperthermia.

Afterwards, she walked through when and how to put someone in to the recovery position, and having shown Year 4 a defibrillator, then explained why it was used.

First Aid key facts

Relishing the barrage of questions thrown at her, Sister Cook reiterated the importance of being kind and helping each other in times of injury.

Going over the First Aid key facts, she advised them of which numbers to call and how important it was to find out a postcode for an ambulance. 

A quiz on First Aid

When the lecture ended, each pupil was given a bandage, sling or foil blanket to take home. They were also given a quiz on First Aid to complete over the weekend. Now, Sister Cook can’t wait to see how well they’ve done.

What Year 4 had to say about the course

“I enjoyed learning what First Aid is and what to do with things like cuts.”  Leonardo 

“Sister Cook gave us bandages to use in the future.”  Kweji 

“I learned something new and what to do if I come across those situations where someone is injured.”  Otis 

“I enjoyed it when you explained how to help someone who is having an asthma attack.”  Henry 

“I loved listening to all the things you told us about.”  James

What Sister Cook had to say about Year 4

“I gave a First Aid talk to Year 4 based on the Red Cross course for young people.  The children were outstanding from the outset. They discussed lots of ideas and recounted personal experiences. Every single child contributed something.

I ended up by giving them a multiple choice quiz ,to see how much information they had acquired, which they could do over the weekend. I await the results!”