Final Elstree Hour for Year 2s

On Wednesday afternoon, Year 2 spent their ‘Elstree Hour’ with the Headmaster and his wife. 

Elstree Hours have been created to ensure the smooth transition from Pre-Prep to Prep – from Home Farm to Elstree School. They are are an opportunity for the children to get to know members of staff before moving from Year 2 to Year 3 in September. 

This term, the Elstree Hours have included French singing with Mrs Goodbourn, baking with Mrs Pool, camp fire fun with Mr Attwood, outdoor art with Mrs Syckelmoore, and an hour with Mrs Kidson.

For their final Elstree Hour, the children were invited to the Headmaster’s House for games and tea in the garden.  The first game they played was ‘Things Wrong in the Garden’. It involves having to find hidden items around the garden such as a ping pong ball, a coin, a carrot, an elastic band and a paintbrush.  The children proved to be VERY observant.  

After a delicious tea, a few rounds of the Egg Cup game were played. On a hot summer’s afternoon, this was particularly refreshing, and even Mr and Mrs Inglis got wet! 

Thanks to Lara for providing the exceptional refreshments, and to the Year 2 children for being so polite, having impeccable manners and providing plenty of chatter.