Fathers and Sons’ Tennis Tournament

The evening kicked off with great enthusiasm and smiles all around.  We had a good turnout of ten fathers and sons competing for glory. Luckily, the dark clouds surrounding Bates decided to stay away, leaving just a wind for the players to contend with.  The four rounds were played in good team spirit, with the boys making their fathers proud. The standard of tennis was very high.

First round matches saw a tightly fought battle between the Harveys and the Inglises, with the Harveys only just coming out on top.  After two hours of play, we had three pairs who had won all four of their matches: the Owstons, Vincents and Rivera/Bell duo.  Taking it to the wire, the Owstons and the Vincents were the finalists, having lost the fewest games overall. 

The final was played as the light began to fade, with the temperature becoming decidedly chilly. The Owstons were victorious with a decisive win of 4-1. Well done to the boys for their enthusiasm and good manners. Thank you to all the fathers who took part.