Fathers and Sons’ Golf Competition

A slightly breezy afternoon brightened up into something much more glorious as nine Elstree boys accompanied by their fathers (or uncles or Grandfathers in a couple of cases) headed off to complete the tricky 9 hole, Elstree golf course.

At times it would have been more accurate to use the term ‘obstacle course’ instead, as at various points the following had to be avoided –  cricket covers, benches, scoreboards, a pavilion and the shot put net – I am not sure how the tour pros would have coped! With holes varying in length from 180 yards down to 60 yards, it was a genuine test of short game skills and with very small greens, chipping and putting was decidedly tricky. The boys responded to the challenge admirably, often showing the way to their more experienced partners.

The ‘Longest Drive’ competition was on the 7th hole, with prizes claimed by Charles Scott-Malden and Fergus Thomson, who had cleverly landed his drive off the cricket covers, thus gaining an extra 30 yards! A short wedge to the 9th was called for to claim the ‘Nearest the Pin’ prize. Harry Campbell-Walter won with the first shot for the boys and Iain McKendrick claimed the fathers’ prize.

At the end of a competitive, but highly enjoyable 9 holes, the team prizes were as follows: third were Jamie and Harry Campell-Walter; runners-up were Roddy and Fergus Thomson, and the winners were Henry and his uncle Charles . Congratulations to all and I look forward to another keenly fought contest next year.