Escape from Colditz

It has been a terrific weekend in the boarding house.  There was the big block football fixture against Cheam on Saturday where the boys showed great character in some very wet conditions to achieve some very good results.

In the evening we enjoyed the much anticipated Escape From Colditz!  Mrs Bond very kindly found costumes for all the boarders and at 6pm we all filed into the dining room which had been transformed into a mess hall complete with GAP students patrolling in uniform by lantern light!  Then it was into McMullen Hall for a comprehensive safety briefing and to watch a brilliant short film made by Mr Prichard which really set the scene.  The POWs were marched up to the shooting range on Farm Yard and then the great break-out got underway. A local firework display added a sense of drama to proceedings, with the illusion of shell fire as the boys made their way as stealthily as possible through the grounds and the woods to the safety of the finish line. The guards were tenacious and cunning this year, but a few boys managed to slip through!  The trophies all went to Year 8s this year – Zander, Tom and Angus – dressed in wetsuits (bizarrely) and with Tom in a pink tutu!! Yasha and Alex were also winners. Prizes were awarded, and hot chocolate was served back in the McMullen Hall before everyone headed up to bed for an early night.

We had a slightly earlier than usual start to breakfast on Sunday due to the school remembrance service in St. Peter’s. The church was packed with boys and parents, and we all enjoyed belting out our hymns and listening thoughtfully to a moving address by Major-General Robin Searby CB.  After church the boys had a little free time before lunch and then spent the afternoon at the Basingstoke Aquadrome!  Mr Morris and Mr Champkin took a revision session before supper and after supper we all made sure we had the right equipment – pens, spare ink, rulers, protractors etc., ready for exams next week.