Escape from Colditz

Castle Colditz, high in the Berkforest Shireland, had a massive breakout on Saturday, and is now a local embarrassment.

Once a bastion of lockdown times, 80 children, swept across its hilly grounds towards an agreed escape point in Plantation. Reports mention a campfire as a meeting place. Colditz released its famous guards, Major Morrismeister and his underling henchmen Parkläger, Wild Wild Westley, Edwoodsman and Christenboy across the wide zone.

The escapees travelled in twos and threes, apparently without false passports nor even wire cutters, avoiding the six guards and the two lakes (which they say were manned for safety), for fear of being caught in a beam and shot on site… or sent back for some hot chocolate.

Around 30 survived, and some fear that the Major will face repercussions for the breach. A number were awarded prizes for their escapes: best outfit (neon or dark); best stealth, closest shave, last escape, and best Prisoner of War acting. November has a track record for such escapes, and there’s no doubt that Castle Colditz will tighten its security for times ahead.