Escape from Colditz

“Escape from Colditz” is possibly the most popular boarding event of the year. It was fantastic to have over 70 children take part in the breakout on Saturday night! Sadly Mr. Prichard, who usually masterminds the event, was not able to be with us but we hope he would have been pleased with the courage and derring-do of the Elstree Boarders.  An impressive number managed to evade the guards and make it all the way from the Shooting Range to the evacuation point in Plantation.  

Some of the costumes on show were fantastic, with the Year 4s opting for ‘full camo” while the Year 7 & 8s went the other way wearing tutus, flashing sunglasses and an astonishing amount of florescent neon! You’d have thought the Guards (Gappers) would have had a field day, but it turns out they are much better at serving buns than catching dayglow Elstree children, as a record number penetrated their defences! 

Three loud blasts of the air horn signalled the end of the escape and we all headed back to the McMullen Hall for hot chocolate and biscuits. Prizes were awarded for: Best Disguise (Camo), Best Disguise (Neon), Best Stealth (Silent, careful movement), Best Route (Planning and execution), Closest Shave (Almost caught) and  Last Escape (Cutting it fine). 

On Sunday morning, after the traditional “full English” breakfast, we had great fun playing an indoor variation of Danish Longball and some 5-a-side football on the AWP.  

Huge thanks to the Boarding Team as well as our fantastic Gappers, Mrs. Goodbourn, Mr. Attwood, and Mr and Mrs Inglis who gave up a Saturday night after a very busy week to help run the event!