End of Term Fencing Finals

The autumn term ended for the Fencing Academy with 31 boys competing for the Handicap Foil Trophy.

With lots of new fencers keen to demonstrate their new-found skills, many matches were very close and the younger fencers in Year 3 especially  impressed. The top seeds succumbed to some excellent footwork and counter-attacking parrie-ripostes. With matches slotted in over the past 2 weeks, the competition semi-finals and final was held last Tuesday in front of the representative forms.

Henry first faced Aaron and quickly knew he was in for a tough match. Aaaron came from behind to win this tight match and faced Cosmo , who defeated Toby with some very quick bladework. With Cosmo’s technique troubling Aaron, he went slowly ahead, before Aaron countered with some long range lunges to bring the scores level on 7-7. Aaron continued to use some great footwork and timing to defeat Cosmo to be this term’s champion in foil.

The future looks promising with our emerging talent.  We are looking forward to more fencing competitions against other schools and a trip to Millfield next term.