Elstree’s mental health awareness week

Elstree encouraged pupils and staff to focus on mental health this week through a number of engaging activities.

Sessions were organised for pupils to try new things. These included learning how to tie a tie or bow tie, knitting, skipping, crochet, juggling and  origami. Others were inspired to learn a new language, attempt to complete a Rubik’s Cube, and use ropes to tie knots.

Whatever the activity, new skills were being developed, and everyone had lots of fun learning them.

Then on Thursday, the entire school put on wellies and waterproofs, and went on the Wellbeing Walk around Elstree’s expansive grounds. 

Besides mental and physical activities, pupils were taught about the importance of eating, drinking and sleeping well. Recent studies have shown that getting quality sleep on a regular basis can boost mood, as well as improve performance in class.