Elstree’s choirs perform at Woodley’s 50th festival

All three of Elstree’s choirs took part in the 50th Woodley Festival over the weekend – a very special occasion with an extremely high standard of singing.  This event provides the valuable experience of singing in a large venue, to a different audience, in front of an adjudicator, together with listening to other choirs, and as the organiser commented “Elstree contributes so much to help make the Festival what it is.”

All pupils performed at their best, with commitment and enthusiasm, and their songs came across very well in the hall.

 The adjudicator’s comments included:

“A lovely thoughtful performance with a nice tone.” – Year 3 and 4 Choir

“A great sound with good dynamic contrast and some lovely two-part singing.” – Year 5 and 6 Choir

“A good clear choral sound and confident 2-part singing with well-matched voices and lots of energy.” – Chapel Choir

One of the Elstree parents said:

“A huge thank you for organising for Elstree junior Choir to take part on Sunday.  James was really proud to be singing and he really enjoyed performing.  It is such a valuable experience for them, so a huge thank you for taking the time on the weekend to take them!  I loved watching it too.”  

Well done to all the singers!