There are many opportunities for extra-curricular activities at Elstree School. There are Junior Activities for Years 3 and 4 which include art, drama, logical reasoning, Spanish, chess, golf, tennis and Scottish reeling. Activities for Middle and Senior boys take place after lunch and supper and include Da Vinci’s enrichment club for art and DT scholars, golf, tennis, fencing and shooting. In terms of music, there are three choirs, an orchestra and various ensembles including the jazz Band.

These activities are overarched by a bespoke leadership programme called the ‘Elstree Award’, which begins in Year 6 and aims to develop the leadership, team and key individual skills required for life beyond Elstree.

There are also many clubs available which change every term, and vary from cookery to kayaking, from shooting to astronomy club. There are of course also many trips during the year, which are there to not only enhance the curriculum, but widen the overall educational experience.

Extra Curricular News

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