All pupils at Elstree have the opportunity to take part in a production every year – Years 7 and 8 perform a Senior play in the Autumn Term; Years 5 and 6 perform their production in the Lent Term and Years 3 and 4 showcase their talent in the Summer Term.

Our Junior and Senior productions give every pupil the opportunity to participate in a team project which is a fun and learning experience for all. Whether taking a role on stage, as a musician or as part of the competent back stage team engaged in lighting, stage management and design, every pupil is involved and experiences the thrill of taking part and the chance to display their creative, artistic or technical talents.

Recent plays and musicals have included Clarior ex  Obscuro, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Zeus on the Loose (a musical written by our Year 3 Class Teacher, Mr Chris Schuman).

Head of Drama: Sian Bond

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