Design and Technology

Every creative process is a journey. It begins with an idea, and ends with an object that must be evaluated to see if it is fit for purpose. Design and Technology equips boys and girls for this process, and using our first-rate facilities, they can bring their ideas to life.

All children in the school have a double lesson per week and follow a scheme grounded in the National Curriculum but often exceeding its bounds. The children experience designing and making a range of project work, not only in traditional hard resistant materials of wood, metal, and plastic, but also softer materials such as, textiles, card and paper as well as “smart materials”.

Design and Technology at Elstree is an excellent introduction to a subject that can take the pupils into such commercial fields as product design, architecture, and engineering developing skills that will serve them well throughout life. These include problem solving, communication, and collaborative working.

Head of Department: Josh Duarte

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