We aim to foster an enjoyment in Science and believe that the best approach is from a practical, investigative perspective. We are lucky enough to have two fully equipped, purpose built Science labs which are used by all pupils from Year 5 to Year 8. Pupils quickly become proficient in experimental techniques and are able to apply these skills in order to solve problems.

Y5Spacepresentations -page insertPupils gain a broad knowledge across the three disciplines – Physics, Chemistry and Biology – through field-based work, demonstration, and participation in experiments, learning basic lab procedures and understanding of health and safety issues. They are able to work with confidence and increasing independence, which prepares them for their transition to Senior Schools. Younger pupils have the opportunity to work in the labs as they take part in the popular Science clubs, particularly during the summer term.

In order to prepare parents for the rigours of Common Entrance Science, we have been able to run Science workshops, allowing parents to reacquaint themselves with long forgotten experimental work. We also recognise that many schools do not have access to such facilities and have been able to offer Science days to groups of pupils from local schools. Where possible, pupils from Elstree have been able to help with these sessions, giving them an insight into what it is like to teach Science.

By the time pupils leave Elstree, our hope is that they have developed a love of and a confidence in Science, giving them the enthusiasm to continue studying it at a more advanced level.

Head of Department: Andrew Brown

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