A Warm Welcome Awaits Every Pupil in the Ward Library

The Ward Library is a well-resourced library providing a spacious, friendly and attractive place to learn to love reading, discover new information and to gain a wider understanding of the exciting world of books.  The splendid Ward Library was refurbished and opened in 2003; this was made possible by the generosity of the Ward family. At our disposal are some 3,500 books as well as newspapers and magazines and a wide selection of audio books which can be enjoyed using the library ‘Listening Station’. Children are also welcome to read eBooks on their own devices.

Each class has one English lesson a week in the library and the pupils can use the library to borrow books, to work on projects and for quiet study as well as for reading for pleasure. The boys and girls are encouraged to develop their library skills and to become independent learners. Each term, the Year 7 and 8 pupils have the opportunity to become librarians. The library is always open so children have the opportunity to pop in and change books, or find information when they have free time.

Elstree Book Week is held each Autumn Term. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate books and reading both at the Prep and Pre-Prep; there is always an amazing atmosphere in school on our first day of Book Week and 2017 was no exception. The theme was ‘Stage and Screen’ and the costume day was a great success with both staff and pupils entering into the spirit with an incredible variety of characters making their way around school.  Throughout the week the children enjoyed an interactive performance from popular author Steve Cole and took part in book and reading related activities. These encouraged them to read for enjoyment, illustrate, develop characters and enjoy writing for themselves. We are looking forward to a rap performance in March 2018 from poet Karl Nova.

 Our School Librarian organises a number of events each term to encourage boys and girls to use the library and to enjoy reading – Author Visits, Book Weeks, World Book Day, Theatre Trips, Book Fairs as well as a Summer Reading Challenge. These constantly motivate the pupils to read and relish books.

We love books at Elstree!

Librarian:  Ruth Walker

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