The History Department at Elstree aims to introduce pupils to significant elements of their cultural heritage.

To answer: ‘Where do we come from?’ It is strongly felt throughout the Department that pupils should have a firm grounding in the History of Britain. The syllabus has been designed to ensure that as much ‘history’ of Britain is covered to ensure that every pupil has a real sense of why we are the way we are today.

History visit - page insertVisits to historical sites are encouraged within the Department. Every child, by the time they leave Elstree, will have at least visited a Castle, seen the Bayeux Tapestry and experienced a little of life in our own World War One trench! View our World War One Centenary Day video.

We follow the National Curriculum History and use the Common Entrance Syllabus to promote further and deeper study. Source analysis is crucial to becoming an effective historian and pupils from an early age are encouraged to analyse sources from the past to judge their value and relative importance.

Drawing parallels with modern day life is a key lesson for pupils to learn. They are therefore encouraged to see patterns repeating themselves and consider whether lessons from the past could have prevented world events happening today. Pupils are taught to draw historical parallels with modern day life. Society is forever changing and yet in the History Department, pupils are encouraged to look back in order to help prepare for the future.

Head of Department: Tom Wyatt

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