Elstree Year 8 awarded Winchester College Music Scholarship

Thankfully for Elstree, the good news continues… Headmaster Mr Sid Inglis was thrilled to learn that Henry in Year 8 had been awarded a Music Scholarship to Winchester College

When he announced the news, he said: “I’m delighted to let you know that Henry has been awarded a Music Scholarship to Winchester College.  A fantastic achievement, well done. Many thanks to Liz for inspiring Henry on the piano over the years. Also, of course to Mary.  I spoke to Henry’s father this afternoon and the family are delighted.”

Henry is awarded a Music Scholarship to Winchester College

Henry began playing the violin at six, taking part in the North Reading Suzuki group lessons on Sundays.  He then started taking piano lessons when he joined Elstree.

In addition to being Head of Elstree’s senior string ensemble, quartet and orchestra, Henry is a Bass in the Elstree Chapel Choir.

In 2020, Henry passed his grade eight violin exam with distinction. There is no denying Henry’s exceptional talent and dedication to music. A fan of classical music, Henry regards it as the perfect opportunity for harmony and expression. He practices for at least an hour every day.

A finalist in the Berkshire Young Musician of the Year, he’s played at the Royal Albert Hall, performed for the Thames Valley Youth Orchestra, and if that wasn’t enough, was invited to play at the Royal Court Theatre for Vanessa Regrave’s 80th birthday. 

What did Head of Music Mrs Westley have to say?

“Henry is an outstanding violinist; his performances are simply jaw-dropping.  He makes the most wonderful sound on his violin, which was tailor-made for him in Manchester.

There is no better way to start the day than rehearsing with Henry. The number of  concerts in which he has performed as either a soloist or as a member of the String Ensemble and Orchestra, are too numerous to list.

Henry also plays the piano, and is currently working towards Grade 8.  

His favourite music is the Baroque period, including Bach, and when he’s not busy practising, he likes to draw.

I know how much he is looking forward to participating in the various excellent musical ensembles at Winchester – and we at Elstree, shall certainly miss him.

Good luck Henry!”

Music at Elstree

The creative arts at Elstree are thriving. There are 4 choirs, orchestras, ensembles, and 85% learning an instrument, even some like Henry, playing two.  Music is an important part of Elstree life both within and outside the curriculum. 

With yet another Music Scholarship to add to the list, it looks like someone’s going to be very busy updating that (Long Room) board.