Elstree World Book Day 

Elstree celebrated World Book Day all week. Whilst the Pre-Prep were dressed up their favourite book character, the pupils at the Prep School were involved in a variety of exciting literary activities.

The week of Elstree World Book Day started with a 3 minute warm up video shown as part of Monday’s assembly by rap poet and educator MC Grammar.  How many books do you recognise? 

Year 3

Year 3 pupils enjoyed listening to author of ‘Astrosaurs’ Steve Cole.  His performance was called ‘Dinosaurs in Space and Creating Great Story Ideas!’ It was broadcast live from a dinosaur museum.  In addition, Steve accompanied his interactive session with his ukulele!  

“Steve Cole has encouraged me to write my own story.” (Luca)

“I’m going to read his books again. He’s a very funny man.” (Felix)

“He’s made me want to write longer stories.” (Raef)

“He should be very proud of the hundreds of books he’s written.” (Megan)

“I love the way he joins up words to create a whole new vocabulary.” (George R)

Year 4

Year 4 enjoyed ‘Rumble with the Romans’ with author and cartoonist Gary Northfield. The pupils were able to learn about his books and life in Roman Times. Pens and pencils at the ready, they drew along with Gary as he showed them how to draw the character of Julius Zebra.  Some splendid results were produced in just twenty minutes.  

Year 4 teacher, Mrs Lavoipierre said, “Julius Zebra was a great success. They loved the drawing and I think the results are amazing!”

“Julius Zebra books are the funniest I’ve ever read and drawing the pictures was brilliant!” (George, 4PJL)

“I liked listening and drawing to the Julius Zebra talk.” (Ollie, 4PJL)

Years 5 and 6

Years 5 and 6 enjoyedFantasy Maps and Story Tips with ex-teacher Vashti Hardy, author of ‘Wildspark’, ‘Brightstorm’ and ‘Harley Hitch’.  Pupils created their own fantasy story maps with Vashti. After that, they were able to write some amazing essays in their next lesson. 

Years 7 and 8

A Slam Poetry Masterclass entitled ‘How Anyone Can become a Poet’ with the award winning Zohab Zee Khan was the exciting session for the Year 7 and 8s. 

“I really liked listening to Kohab Zee Khan. He seemed to write from his heart and was energetic and imaginative.”  (Petra 7TDW)

Free newspapers and book vouchers

On World Book Day itself, all pupils and staff were given free copies of The iNewspaper and they were read and studied in breaks and lessons where relevant throughout the day.  Ruth Walker, the School Librarian, also had copies of the free 2022 World Book Day books that she offered to all classes during their library lessons.   In addition to this there were vouchers that the pupils were able to take to bookshops to swap for another free £1 book or to get £1 off any book over £2.99. There were also details of a Harry Potter competition on the voucher. 

Mrs Walker  said, “We have had a brilliant week and are very grateful to Bournville BookFest   for their help as well.  They produced some fabulous author/writing/drawing sessions which our pupils found fascinating and motivating.  They created some amazing drawings and fantastic essays as a result.”

What a fun and inspiring week, and above all, a great celebration of books and reading.  Thank you Mrs Walker.