Elstree World Book Day

World Book Day was celebrated all week in the Prep School with a range of book and reading activities throughout the school.
Children each chose a free World Book Day book during their library lessons throughout the week.  

What did the children think?

Alyssa (5JRD) chose ‘The Case of the Disappearing Pearl’ by Robin Stevens and said, “Having one of the free taster books encourages you to read another one in the series” 

Harriet (4PNS) picked Simon Farnaby’s ‘The Wizard and Me’ and said “My book was really funny and I laughed all the way to the end!”
A special free WBD book was issued for Year 8 and above called, ‘Being an Ally’; which explores ways you can support others through using your power as an ally.
Derek (8LJO) said, “The book makes you think about a lot of things like racial inequality and doing the right action, even when the majority do a different thing.”
Koichi (8LJO) added, “It’s quite direct. The author shares ideas and things you may not talk about in everyday life.”

National Book Token Competition

A popular activity during the week was kindly run by Mrs Syckelmoore in the Art Department. Pupils were excited to produce their own designs and words for a card to enter the National Book Token Competition. They also loved doing bookmarks using a variety of media. 
Ned (4PJL) said, “I used watercolour pencils to make my competition picture and words stand out in the sky. I loved doing the activity, it was such fun and I gave it 100 points out of 10!”

The i Newspaper

Free copies of The i Newspaper for every pupil and member of staff were distributed on World Book Day. These were used in lessons where relevant, and children were encouraged to read them at any other opportunity.  They took them home afterwards to share with their families. As well as the news and sport, children loved the quizzes and crosswords in the middle of the paper. It was a great way of raising interest in newspapers and what is happening in the world. 
Sebastian (7JCM) said,  “It was interesting to read The i Newspaper and read what is happening now and to see what may happen in the future.” 
Isobel (5JRD) enthused, “I loved World Book Day Week and the Pre-Prep children also looked amazing in their costumes.”
What a fun and inspiring week, and above all, a great celebration of books and reading.  Thank you Mrs Walker.