Elstree School tie is launched into Space

At the weekend, as part of his Headmaster’s Project, William (Year 6) attempted an Elstree first:  to launch his school tie into space using a huge helium weather balloon.  After weeks of planning and huge amounts of preparation, the conditions on Sunday afternoon were perfect for the flight. 

Having contacted all the relevant authorities and with meticulous attention to detail, William ensured that all the necessary components were attached below his helium balloon:  Iphone, camera, GPS, heat packs and of course…… his school tie!  

At around 3pm the balloon was launched from the far end of the Elstree pitches and headed west towards Newbury, gaining height rapidly.  The balloon flew for 5 1/2 hours before landing off the beach in Weymouth, unfortunately slightly out to sea. 

If and when the payload and data can be retrieved, William will be able to confirm whether the balloon did in fact enter into space.  What is certain in the meantime, is that William will need a new school tie for next term!  Well done William for a brilliantly scientific and creative Headmaster’s project!