Elstree Pre-Prep’s Nativity Film

Not to be deterred by current restrictions, Elstree Pre-Prep performed their Nativity on camera this year. Filmed on location in the grounds of Elstree, our stellar cast and crew rose to the challenge, making their teachers and parents very proud.

Rehearsals and scenes in bubbles

Scenes were rehearsed in bubbles inside the classrooms, while songs were learnt in music lessons. In fact, song practice was positively encouraged during any spare moment they had.

Filming the Nativity at Elstree Pre-Prep

Then, the day of filming arrived.  Excited and in costume, Mary and Joseph, shepherds, sheep, angels, stars, candles, elves and Three Kings (to  name but a few) were filmed in a variety of locations.

First up, was the Groundsmen’s Woodshed, followed swiftly by Alec’s House. Then, it was up to the Elstree woods, where our stars, sheep and shepherds performed around the fire circle.  Meanwhile, back in the Nursery Elf Workshop, the sound of twinkling bells on the elves’ toes could be heard in the distance.

The children loved acting outside. They felt very grown up being part of a film set with a professional camera and microphone. And after numerous ‘takes’ and ‘cuts’, they even joined in with the helpful calls of ‘action’!

As sad as it was not to watch a live performance, it was really special using the wonderful grounds at Elstree to celebrate the story of Jesus. It typified the year we have had, where meeting outside has been a theme running throughout our lives. I’m just not sure Mary, Joseph and the Three Kings were wearing wellies in the real manger, but 2020 does come with some perks.

What did Elstree Pre-Prep like or love about the film?

“…doing the stars when I was standing on the hill and I had to run in,” Charlie in Year 2

“…when we sung all our songs,” William in Year 1

“…being in the stable it made me feel happy,” Sophie in Year 2

“…when the angels finally got their halos!” Harry in Year 1.

The Christmas Movie of 2020

To celebrate the ‘at home’ viewing of Elstree Pre-Prep’s Nativity, every child baked a Christmas cookie for each member of their family, thanks to the support from Lara and the Elstree Catering Team.

The ‘artisan’ cookies were then sent home in Christmas cellophane bags, so families could enjoy them as they watched ‘The Christmas Movie of 2020 – The Missing Halos’. If you didn’t get to see the Elstree Pre-Prep Nativity film first time around, now’s your chance – click here. (Don’t forget to grab a cookie (or two) to nibble on while you’re watching.)

Huge thanks go to all the Pre-Prep staff for their hard work this year. To Mrs Baxter for writing the script, Mrs Kidd for the costumes, the groundsmen for prepping the filming areas, Lara and the Catering Team for biscuit making and Jon Bond for filming and editing.

What did some of our parents have to say?

“What an inspired and fabulous nativity you have all produced this year.  Love the replacement of Bethlehem with the Elstree grounds. Congratulations on making it special and incredibly memorable. Thank you to you and your team.”

“Just watched the nativity – it is AMAZING!!!! Just gorgeous! And we were in hysterics watching the sheep and Henry’s very enthusiastic singing and actions!!!  Huge thanks for all your serious hard work and for the amazing biscuits…. so so thoughtful and fun for all.”

“Absolutely fantastic. The children are brilliant and using the grounds so well made it even more special.”