Elstree Pre-Prep Bonfire Night

Before Elstree Prep School celebrated Bonfire Night, Elstree Pre-Prep enjoyed a celebratory outing of their own. A ‘mini’ bonfire was cleverly created by our skilled Grounds Team on the Camping Site, which Pre-Prep visited before it got too dark.

Bonfire Night in bubbles

Year 1 and 2 went first in their bubble and stood around the taped off area looking at their unlit bonfire. They could also see the Prep School bonfire with Guy Fawkes sitting on top.

The children asked the Grounds Team questions including how the bonfire had been made, and how long it took to build. Everyone then talked about why we celebrate with a bonfire and fireworks at this time of year.

Q: “How long did it take you to build the bonfire?” Ned in Year 2

A: “Only about an hour.” Grounds Team

Q: “Where did you get the wood from to make the bonfire?” Alexandra in Year 1

A: “There was a broken fence in the Elstree Grounds, so we took that down and used the wood from it to build our fire.” Grounds Team

Q: “Was it fun to make? Alice in Year 1

A: “Great fun!” Grounds Team

Which facts about Bonfire Night did Elstree Pre-Prep remember?

Sophie in Year 2, remembered Guy Fawkes  and his friends had tried to blow up King James I.

Tom in Year 2, knew there had been 36 barrels of gunpowder hidden in the Houses of Parliament.

Hot chocolate moustaches

The minute the Grounds Team had lit the bonfire, Year 1 and 2 became entranced by the dance of the flames and the crackle of wood.  Accompanied by mugs of warm chocolate, topped with mini-marshmallows, this bonfire celebration was one to remember – especially the chocolate moustaches.

Nursery and Reception

Once Year 1 and 2 were safely back in their classrooms, it was Nursery and Reception’s turn to enjoy a hot chocolate around the Pre-Prep bonfire. Soaking up the Autumn sun in the Elstree grounds for this annual commemoration, was truly a very special treat.

Thank you to the Elstree Grounds Team for making it such a spectacular and informative event.