Elstree Key Workers’ Children

Since the beginning of term, we have been delighted to look after some of the children of our key workers here at school. Every morning we open the doors at 8am and carry out a basic health screening before heading to the school kitchens to drop off packed lunches.  We are then based in the library and the Long Room for the rest of the morning.  From 8am to 9am the children log in to Firefly and check what tasks have been set for them for the day, and watch any assemblies or similar.  From 9am we follow the timetable with breaks out on Yard or, if the weather is inclement, in the Long Room.

In the afternoons we have a full programme of activities which have been great fun.  Mr. Morris usually does something sports-related to keep the children healthy and active, while Mr. Attwood has been up in Park and Plantation teaching bush craft, making wellie racks and catapults among other things!  Mrs. Syckelmoore has been doing some art too, so everyone is definitely keeping busy.

For our children in Nursery, Miss. Thornburrow has been brilliant in making resources packs for each day of the week with a huge variety of tasks and activities to keep our younger learners engaged and entertained.

It’s certainly been a very strange and different start to the Summer term but we are all keeping really positive and hopeful that we’ll be able to welcome ALL our children back to Elstree before too long. The grounds are looking so good and we can’t wait for everyone to be able to come back and enjoy them with us!