Elstree Jubilee Jamboree!

What better way to celebrate the historic achievement of our Queen and her 70 years of loyal and inspiring service than with our very own Jubilee Jamboree?

This was a day that promised to be action-packed, full of camaraderie, high-jinks and patriotic symbolism – and it didn’t disappoint! The boys, girls, teachers and staff all came to school dressed in red, white and blue. The school had been well and truly decked with Union Jack bunting inside and out and our Pre-Prep and Year 3s donned a remarkable array of crowns – surely giving the Queen’s own selection a run for its money!

 Ready, steady… 

Anticipation grew throughout the morning, but the children did well to stay focused on their final lessons before the start of our Jubilee celebrations. We joined together for an outside briefing in the stunning May sunshine, making sure pupils and staff alike were prepped for a whirlwind carousel of events. Pre-Prep had their own more age-appropriate rota of jubilee pursuits while the Prep school were divided into their 12 different forms, enjoying 12 different activities, each one lasting 15 minutes. 

The pupils and staff were split between the Front Lawn and the Rose Garden where the grounds team had set out an endless array of apparatus in accordance with Mrs Inglis’ meticulous planning and coordination. 

Off we go!

Excitement at a high, fingers twitching and ready to burst into action, the bell rang and pupils were off! There was a competitive burst of energy at the Table Tennis tables, speedy thinking with a sporty version of Connect 4 and shrieks of laughter and frustration as the tail of the corgi just couldn’t be pinned in the appropriate place.

Bums hit the floor more than we like to see in Musical Chairs, but some fine creative skills shone through in making Union Jack flags and face painting. We don’t doubt that the Queen herself would have devoured the cupcakes, although we are less sure she would have been honoured by Jubilee Bingo. How can 70 years of service be summed up in 15 minutes?

Those with eager fingers and dexterous minds  were put to the test in making their own mini drum, fit for any Royal drummer. Putting on the front lawn provided a more sedate and thoughtful moment. Meanwhile, everyone seemed to find plenty of energy to catapult sweets at the Elstree teachers and for those with any steam left in the tank, there was an addictively fun opportunity to wang a welly or two. 

Pre-Prep were just as energetic with a hobby-horse gymkhana, rubber duck fishing, pinning on the Queen’s knickers, tin can alley, skittles, quiots and yes – welly wanging very much on the go here too!

We paused proceedings for a picnic lunch in the sunshine and during the break, we planted our ceremonial Jubilee Oak Tree, which we hope will be a long-standing reminder to all of the significance of this historic occasion. 

The Jubilee Concert

This brilliantly fun and patriotic day was capped off by welcoming parents and friends of Elstree School to an afternoon tea and Prep school concert – an opportunity to enjoy a spectacular array of cakes and glass of fizz to toast the Queen. The Prep school children proudly performed Run, Rabbit Run!, the school song Clario ex Obscuro and of course, the National Anthem amongst others. Their stirring rendition of The White Cliffs of Dover brought a few tears to eyes but on the whole, joy and pride prevailed. 

What a glorious way to see out the first half of our Summer Term and of course, to celebrate our wonderful Queen in anticipation of her Platinum Jubilee.