Elstree Jubilee Dog Show

It was a scorching hot afternoon for the inaugural Elstree Dog Show.  With DJ Duarte on the decks, Dave’s Ice-Cream Van doing a roaring trade and over 70 excited dogs on the Front Lawn, we were in for a busy afternoon!

The schedule of events

First up was the Fancy Dress Event, with some hilarious and very creative entries, as both dogs and children paraded around the main arena. It was a tough decision for our judges who eventually chose Harry dressed as a policeman, with Inca (Haskell Horsey) dressed as a convict as the winners.  Next up was Musical Sit, which was incredibly popular and luckily the very decisive Mrs Westley, Mrs Bond and Mrs Burnett were able to whittle down the entrants to the last few. What incredibly well-trained dogs we have at Elstree: when the music stopped, they sat down immediately, as did their owners!  There was remarkably little to choose between them.  Many congratulations to our impeccably trained winner, Titian (Salvesen).  Finally in the main arena, our Judge, Chris Tufnell, assisted by Mr Inglis and Mrs Bond, had the unenviable task of selecting ‘Best in Show’, which was won by Issy with the very impressive Poppy (Turner).

Mr Attwood had constructed a fantastic Obstacle Course in the second arena next to the lake, which included hurdles, bending poles, hoops, tunnels, seesaws and hoops.  Encouraged by a plethora of dog treats and plenty of enthusiastic children, the dogs were cajoled around the obstacles, as Mrs Attwood kept a beady eye on the stopwatch.  Many congratulations to the eventual winner Ollie with Bracken.

Running throughout the afternoon was the Waggiest Tail Competition brilliantly won by Oakley for his 180 degree tail wag. The Best Trick was awarded to Bracken (Anderson) who sat with a treat on his nose, until asked to eat it.  Finally, Mrs Lavoipierre ran the competition “Guess How Many Dog Treats In The Jar”. Our congratulations to Max who was spot on with his guess of 227 treats, which will now be enjoyed by the lucky Scruffy (Fawcett).

Thank you

A massive thank you to all the Elstree staff for their help with running the events, the children and parents for taking part and of course the dogs for entering into the spirit of the occasion with such enthusiasm.  My final thank you goes to our wonderful judge and former Elstree parent, Dr Chris Tufnell BVMS FRCVS, from Coach House Vets, who rose to the occasion magnificently.  Thank you!

Some comments overheard on the day:

The best Wednesday ever!

Please can it go on for longer?

Could it be twice a year?

It reminded me of the Queen with the flags. Could we get a corgi next time?

Thanks for the ice creams – the best!

I loved the obstacle course the best!

Can we do one for cats? If not, I am going to get a dog!


(and a huge well done to Mrs Inglis who masterminded the whole event and organised everything down to the finest detail)