Elstree Series Football Playoffs

Last Saturday, Elstree pupils played their first game in the new five match Elstree Series Football Playoffs.

Stadio Elstree (Elstree Stadium to you and me)

The first teams to play at ‘Stadio Elstree’ were hotly contested rivals, Borussia Midgham Gladbach and Real Quality. With no rain and the sun making an occasional appearance, it was the perfect afternoon for a spot of football in the glorious Berkshire countryside.

The results are in

After a very civilised ‘elbow touch’ meet and greet between teams, the match got off to a flying start. Both teams played out in the hard fought contest, showing strength, enthusiasm and considerable determination.  And although players weren’t at peak fitness and match quality was somewhat lacking, the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

New rules 

As the result was a draw, under the new rules, penalties then followed. As Real Quality were unfortunately unable to convert any, rivals Borussia Midgham Gladbach triumphed in glory, winning the first match 3-0 on penalties.

Next game

The next game is being played on Saturday 14th November, hosted by Real Quality. Watch this space…

Sport at Elstree

Sport is an integral part of school life at Elstree and plays a key role in supporting the ethos and qualities of the school. It teaches boys and girls how to win and lose graciously, to lead and to be led by others, to push themselves physically and mentally, to improve physical fitness and knowledge, to learn self-discipline, and to think unselfishly as part of a team while having fun.  Every child receives daily sport coaching and can represent the school. 

Elstree Football is one of the main sports of the Autumn Term. Games are played according to the Football Association.