Elstree Cross Country Teams raise money for St. Michael’s Hospice

A new inter-house competition hit Elstree last week – Cross Country in relays – and goodness, did it hit the spot.  A wash of red, blue, yellow and green t-shirts, were seen dotted around the bucolic grounds of Elstree in rural Berkshire.  Pupils competed in Year Group House bubbles – North (Blue), East (Green), South (Red) and West (Yellow) – egged on by those who sadly couldn’t participate.  The team spirit shone through, particularly as on this occasion, the competition doubled up as a charity fund-raising event.

Cross Country in house relays

Here, Mr Wyatt, who masterminded the race, fills us in on the contest of the term:

“On a slightly dank and soggy afternoon, the entire student body ran, walked, climbed, clambered and staggered around various routes across the Elstree grounds. All runners strained every muscle and sinew to complete the course for their Houses.

It was great to see House mates help each other around the course to improve their House’s position.  Running up hills, across streams, over fences and round trees to get to the next point to release their fellow House mates to run the next leg.

Some wore festive hats, yet every face displayed a smile of satisfaction for a job well done.”

The results have been verified…

…and we can now reveal that the winners of the Cross Country Relay Race were…EAST! Congratulations! Who were closely followed by North, South, and West.

Elstree Cross Country teams raise money for St. Michael’s Hospice, North Hampshire

So far, a fantastic £700 has been raised for St. Michael’s Hospice in North Hampshire. Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated. If you haven’t had the chance to donate, but would still like to, please visit our Just Giving page here:

Inter House Competition Teams at Elstree

When children join Elstree, they automatically join one of the School Houses – North, East, South or West.  Aside from Top Banana, pupils participate in a variety of academic, music and sport competitions throughout the year,  and the winner of the most points is crowned House Champion at the end of the summer term.