Elstree Book Week

We celebrated 70 Years of amazing books with a whole-school Parade, a Readers’ Party and Author talks. This special year we chose the theme, ‘The Time of Our Lives’ which was also the cultural theme of the 2022 Jubilee Parade in London.

Character and Costume Parade

We celebrated this by dressing up as characters from books that have been published in the last 70 years. What fun we had!

A beautiful Autumn day meant we could parade outside Elstree as a whole school from ages 3 to 13, as well as most of the staff. It was a fabulous event for us all to share. Characters from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, ‘Paddington’, ‘The Explorer’, ‘Billionaire Boy’, ‘Private Peaceful’ and many others paraded and danced to tunes such as Sweet Caroline, The Elephant Parade, La Bamba and others.

Dressing up with your friends is really fun. It was exciting to see everyone’s different costumes and learn more about books.  (Annabelle, 4PNS)

I liked dressing up as Harry Potter. In Korea we do not dress up as book characters, so this was my first time. I found out about ‘The Lord of the Rings’ because other pupils wore that costume. (James, 7TDW) 

I liked seeing everyone’s different costumes as it always helps me discover new books and the characteristics of each character. I love Elstree Book Week! (George, 8EGG) 

I was Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third. I loved my furry waistcoat and ankle things. (Percy, 3CMK) 

It was really fun seeing the teachers, the Pre-Prep and the Prep parading together. (Laurie, 3CMS)

Readers’ Celebration Party

A special Readers’ Celebration Party with hot chocolate, marshmallows, pizza, rocky roads and brownies took place in Elstree School’s fabulous Library. The reading party is planned to celebrate the enthusiasm pupils put into reading books over the summer holidays. Entry to the event is for those that have made a special effort with their reading and a magnificent seventy-one children were invited this year.  Pupils and staff have the opportunity to have fun while recommending books to each other and sharing their favourite reads.

I thought the Top Readers Tea was brilliant and engaging. I loved how the children and teachers told us about their favourite books. (Sophie, 4PJL)  

I shared how reading the story of ‘Checkmates’ affected me at the Readers’ Tea. It is about a child who had ADHD and can’t concentrate. He constantly gets sent out of class. His Grandpa wants him to try chess. At first he resists, but when he does try to play it helps him focus. I could see how much it helped and it made me realise I had to try my best to focus.  (Leo, 8LJO)   

Thank you for the lovely tea. I loved the hot chocolate and marshmallows, but the pizza was the best! (Henry, 4PNS) 

The Readers’ Tea was brilliant and engaging. I loved how everybody told us about their favourite books and what they thought. The food was amazing and brilliant. I liked the brownies best!  (Alexandra, 3CMS) 

Author Talks

The school were also delighted to tune in to virtual performances as part of Henley Festival 2022 from authors Phil Earle, Patricia Burchart, and Emma Carroll. 

Pamela Butchart was really fun. It made me visit the library again and I’ve borrowed her new book ‘Secret School Invasion. (Iris, 4PJL)

The author told us all about her stories and that all the staff in them have hairy toes! It was funny. (Jashn Sraw 4PJL) 

School Librarian Ruth Walker said, “We had a fantastic Elstree Book Week again this year. Children and staff entered fully into the fun, and we were so impressed with the huge amount of reading the children have done in the holidays and at school. The school library and classrooms have been buzzing with talk of books, literature and reading which is fabulous!”

Well done everyone and a huge thank you to Mrs Walker for all her hard work in organising such a fun week.