Elstree Award Year 7 Camp

The Elstree Award Year 7 camp was great fun with a range of different teamwork activities. The camp started at 6:30pm when we walked down to the field to pitch up our tent.  It was quite hard at the start but our tent soon came together with a little help from Craig, our instructor.

When we finished, we went to have a really nice BBQ .We were then put into teams to do some teamwork activities. First on the agenda was a game where you had to go through a small circle of rope. We all listened to each other and came up with some incredible ideas. Up next was ‘Water Pipe’;  a ball was inside a tall brown pipe and we had to pour water into the pipe to get the ball out-  the catch is that this pipe had small holes which you had to cover with any part of your body. Finally there was a game were you had to piggyback someone over the entire low ropes course while they were holding a welly filled with water. After that we went back to camp to have biscuits and marshmallows, Ms Keane told us some ghost stories and at about 11:00pm we were sent to bed.  I was with Ollie, Taisei and Jago and it was a good night.

I awoke to the sound of rain at around 7:00am but it soon stopped. We shortly packed our bags and put them in the Sports Hall entrance, had some breakfast and we were ready for a navigational walk around Bradfield College. I was with Mr Bates and we walked for around two hours – it was really enjoyable. After the walk, we got back in the bus and went back to school where we were shortly collected. It was very interesting and I learnt a lot.

Archie Hamilton, Year 7