Elstree Award – Khagendra New Life Centre, Nepal

The Elstree Award boys made a fantastic effort with the fundraising last year. Each time I go out to Nepal I take the money to Khagendra New Life Centre. This is a home for disabled adults in Kathmandu which is poorly funded and in a terrible state. One project I have been involved in here is to help Sanu Ghayal (who became paralysed from the waist down when she was 15 years old) to meet her dreams of being an independent artist. Over the last year and a half the money raised has paid for her accommodation, treatment and medicine and also for Sanu to attend Art school. This summer she graduated and has been offered an apprenticeship in the B.I.A. Handicraft Institute. With some of the proceeds from the Leavers’ Service I have paid for her apprenticeship year, by which at the end she will be completely independent. Sanu is so happy in her new home and wanted me to say thank you to all of the boys for completely changing her life. She is in a much more clean and enjoyable environment, and will be able to afford the treatment that she requires.

The money also goes to providing meat for the other residents. Meat is very expensive in Nepal and so many of the residents have a very protein poor diet which is not good for their recovery or development. It was great fun cooking up a chicken curry feast for them – all 10kg! I am now in discussions with the Centre’s physiotherapist to see which person most needs help in the centre so that hopefully we can improve their lives too.