Elstree Action

They say that in adversity you see peoples’ real character and nothing could be truer then when talking about the Elstree staff in these difficult times as they balance conflicting demands of home, family and school.  

The staff were invited to volunteer for  ‘Elstree Action’  (Elstree’s very own version of National Service) –  to take part in a number of practical tasks to brighten up with school and to make it as warm and welcoming as possible for the children’s return. 

Teaching and support colleagues – despite heavy academic and pastoral load – have responded extremely positively to the call and have completed a staggering amount of jobs around the school to help make Elstree fresh, inviting and exciting for the children’s return to school from June and September. Many sheds and fences have been liberally painted with Cuprinol, areas re-organised and tidied, and flowerbeds weeded and looked after. 

For many this has not been a chore more a welcome distraction from hours of screen and computer time and longed-for excuse to be outside in Elstree’s beautiful grounds surrounded by fabulous trees, stately buildings and nature.

We are truly grateful for all their efforts and look forward to a time when the Elstree community can be together again once more.