‘Down At The Farm’ Sports Day

In the best traditions of Home Farm, the Sports Day races all followed a theme.  We had the Hay Bale Hurdles which Year 2 leapt over with impressive athleticism, Year 1had the Pony Puzzle, Reception the Cow Bell Relay during which they had to ring a bell at the end of the track before the next ‘cow’ could start to run and Nursery pinned the tail on the pig, although I have to say that some of the tails were pinned in unusual places!  This is to name but a few of the races. 

As ever, the races were undertaken with good humour, a fantastic balance of competiveness and fun typified the event.  The mummies and daddies had their own races which were very much enjoyed by the children.  A huge thank you to Mr Morris for his inventiveness in thinking of the races and for the smooth organisation of the day.