DIY Pizzas for Elstree Boarders

While last weekend was action-packed full of fun for our Elstree Boarders, it also provided some much needed time to relax and recharge the batteries before exams week.

Boarding activities on Saturday

Saturday supper involved the extremely popular ‘DIY Pizzas’.  Our boarders selected a variety of tasty toppings, which were then cooked to order. 

After their perfect pizzas were consumed and digested, to much delight, it was time for a spot of high energy indoor games in the sports hall.  

Elstree Food Challenge

As the weather was not great on Sunday, Mrs Lavoipierre organised a ‘Food Challenge’ for the morning activities instead. 

First, there was the Crisp Game. For those who don’t know, this involves building a tower using as many of the crisps from the packet as possible – resisting the urge to eat the crisps (that happens afterwards). Judged by Mr Hodson and Mr Johnson, the winner of the Crisp Game was Oli in Year 8. Congratulations Oli!

The next food challenge was to build a recognisable structure in twenty minutes, using skewers, toothpicks and straws, held together with sellotape and marshmallows. There were joint winners for this contest: Kitty in Year 5 for her rocket and Rei in Year 8 for his bridge. Well done Kitty and Rei!

The Elstree Food Challenge was rounded off perfectly with the all-time favourite Chocolate Game.

Elstree Boarders’ afternoon activities

On Sunday afternoon, head of Sport Mr. Champkin got the trampolines out for our Elstree Boarders to have a bounce.

Later, those taking exams in the week ahead, knuckled down to a revision session.

Lights were turned off a little earlier than usual on Sunday night, as all the children were worn out.

Boarding life at Elstree

Boarding life at Elstree is jam-packed full of fun and can start from Year 4. With the option to flexi or weekly board, and a huge variety of boarders’ clubs to choose from, there’s never a dull moment.

Boarders’ Clubs on offer include nearly everything you could possibly imagine: Lego, Hama Beads, Art, Chess, News & Views, Film-making, Backgammon, Torchlight Games, Touch Rugby, Nerf Wars, Coopers’ Cooking, Golf, Card Games, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Table Tennis, Indoor Games, Wide Game and M-Tech. 

Can girls board at Elstree too?

Yes, absolutely. Some of our girls already board. Our new girls’ dormitory for boarding is affectionately named ‘Finlay’, after a much-loved former School Nurse.

Independent Boarding School of the Year 2020 

Elstree School won Independent Boarding School of the Year at the ISOTY Awards 2020.