Developing Revision Study Skills

Revision skills are critical to our pupils reaching their potential at Elstree. During the Autumn Term, our Years 7 and 8 attend a bespoke Revision Study Skills session before the October Half Term. The session provides the tools to prepare for the Common Entrance in November and future mock exams in Year 8.

Elstree’s Learner Profile

At Elstree, our aim is to develop our learners to become resilient, adopt critical thinking and always seek to improve. These important attributes are at the heart of Elstree’s Learner Profile.  To help mature these skills, our pupils are first encouraged to invest time to self-reflect upon their own learning style. 

Revision Study Skills morning for Year 8

Year 8 started their Revision Study Skills morning challenging themselves to refine their existing learning strategies. These included revision environment, diet and sleep. Our pupils were refreshingly honest about the revision techniques that needed improving. They also shared their top distractions preventing them from revising. These were screen time, gaming, Netflix, toilet breaks, food, family noise in the house, and music. They learnt that 30% of what we see is absorbed, so limiting these distractions and setting the right environment in which to work, are critical to learning. 

Independent Learners

Elstree is developing a whole school approach to study skills, with the knowledge that the earlier these skills are practised and self-realised, the quicker our learners become self-regulated, independent learners. Embedding these workshops early in the year, also helps to maximise progress.

Mr Pilkington, Director of Learning and Teaching said: “I really enjoyed helping our Year 8 during their ‘Revision Study Skills’ session this morning.  It was extremely rewarding seeing how they developed their own personal revision strategies, and how confident they became at self reflecting.” 

Parent participation and encouragement

Every Year 8 pupil has been given a hard copy of the Study Skills booklet, also shared online with parents.  A good rest over the October half-term has been encouraged, along with a recommended 30-40 minute short burst of revision every now and then.  It certainly sounds like our Year 8 is well  prepared. Good luck!