Destination Didcot

The children in Year 1 have been learning about transport and were looking forward to their school trip. We travelled the scenic route to Didcot Steam Train Museum on a bright, crisp Autumn day in October. As soon as we arrived the children’s eagle-eyes spotted a truck full of coal which set them off talking about how to make steam before we had even met the experts! After the safety talk we were split into two groups, each with a leader, overflowing with knowledge about the history of the trains.

The children enjoyed the opportunity to climb up into the signal box and see the different ways to communicate. Everyone had the chance to flex his or her muscles to pull one of the signal levers and to shout through the loud haler.

We peered through the windows of some luxurious carriages where Winston Churchill may have held meetings at the board table.

We learnt about the navvies who dug out the canals, built roads and lay railway tracks. Not only hard work but rats to contend with too, as they tried to run up their legs.

We took a ride on a steam train and at the platform waiting for us was no other than Isambard Kingdom Brunel! He was distinctive in his tall black hat, cravat and tails.

The children behaved beautifully and it was a contemplative journey back to school, as they digested the full day of excitement. Well done Year 1!