Declamations Final

On Friday 25th January, all the boys congregated in the McMullen Hall for the annual Declamations competition. The school welcomed Dr Joseph Spence, Warden of Dulwich College, to adjudicate the competition.

In a suitably formal affair, all twenty four contestants performed with noted maturity and confidence. Competition was stiff with the poetry performed ranging from Tennyson to Armitage. I would echo Dr Spence’s parting words: ‘Elstree know and love their poetry’.

Year 3 & Year 4
First Place – Harry Anderson– Homework oh Homework! by Jack Prelutsky
Second Place – Arthur Ward– Night Mail by W.H. Auden
Third Place – Sophie Payne– The Three Little Pigs by Marian Swinger

Year 5 & Year 6
First Place – Alexander Anderson– The Adventures of Isobel by Anon
Second Place – Oliver Butler– Rocket Toy by Georgina Anstruther
Third Place-  Ben Perkins– The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

Year 7 & Year 8
First Place – Rupert Assheton- Possibilities by Rupert Assheton
Second Place – Luca Hargreave– The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll
Third Place – Killian McKay –  Arthur the Fat Boy by Gareth Owen