On Friday 27th January Elstree hosted their annual Declamations final. It was a pleasure to have the finalists perform in person to a packed-out McMullen Hall following the last few editions being restricted. The audience commented on the joy that was to be found in the vigour and enthusiasm on display from all the pupils. Several members of the audience, along with Mr Inglis, commented on the particularly high standard with a real variety of literature on display. Though a competition, this was a real celebration of the spoken word.

I would like to thank all the pupils and the teachers of English for their efforts. The school were lucky enough to have Mr John Carroll from Marlborough College to adjudicate. Thank you to him too. Congratulations to all the fantastic finalists.


Year 3/4

1st Harry M –  ‘The Dentist and the Crocodile’ By Roald Dahl

2nd Charlie A W – ‘The Day I Got My Finger Stuck up My Nose’ by Brian Patten

3rd Honour Y – ‘Mother Doesn’t Want a Dog’ by Judith Viorst

Year 5/6

1st Leonardo R‘The Lord of the Forest’ by Caroline Pitcher

2nd Florence A – ‘To A Butterfly’, by William Wordsworth

3rd Thomas B – ‘The Lion and Albert’, by Marriott Edgar

Year 7/8

1st Kitty B – ‘The World Was Wide Enough’ from ‘Hamilton’

2nd Arthur W – ‘An English Schoolboy in the Land of the Rising Sun’ by Arthur Ward

3rd Koichi S – ‘Journey to the Dreamland’ by Koichi Sakamoto 

What did the pupils think?

Arthur W 8LJO “Declamations is one of the highlights of my year and I cherish competing and listening to other.”

Kitty B 7JCM “I really enjoyed performing my poem. I loved doing the different rhythms and experimenting with my voice. I didn’t expect win it!”

Kate O 7TDW “I was nervous before, but when I got on stage it was like I was in my bedroom. It was a great experience.”

Sophie P 7AJP “I love performing and sharing my passion for drama and poetry.”

Eva L 6FAW “Being on stage was a wonderful experience.” 

Valentina R-D 6PAS “It was really enjoyable to hear the other finalists’ hard work and take inspiration from their poems.” 

Florence A 5JRD “It was really scary, but I enjoyed it!”

Isobel C 5JRD “I was really pleased I got so many laughs!”

Honour Y 4PNS “At first I felt a bit scared but then I saw other people doing it I knew I could do it too.”