Cultural Heritage Week

We recently celebrated Cultural Heritage Week at Elstree Pre-Prep and Prep School. Our theme was, Celebrating, Respecting and Learning from our Heritage. Kweji, Henry, Valentina and Miss Boyd were sharing poetry from across the world and we learnt that heritage is something to be proud of.

Black History Month

We celebrated October being Black History Month by participating in discussion groups and workshops around the theme of Tolerance. There were some lively debate about a variety of important issues, and we learnt that courage is needed if you are in a minority and tolerance if you are part of the majority. We also enjoyed viewing two creative art exhibitions in both Prep and Pre-Prep. 


In the Prep School, we have been creating images onto foam-card inspired from our own culture, heritage, tradition and families. We then constructed the artwork into a selection of spirals re-creating the age-old intuitive symbol of spiritual development and our identity with the universe. The spiral symbol of which is found in cultures the world over. We also created a selection of images onto circular components and linked them together to represent all cultures connecting together.

The Pre-Prep were also busy with their art creations.  Photos are to follow but this explains what they were up to:

Nursery were busy creating a collaborative piece of artwork. Each child painted their hand and added their bright and bold handprints to the heart. This piece of art resembles the beauty in diversity.  ‘Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.’  Here lies the hand of every Reception child, not one being the same. The artwork reminds us too of how small hands change the world.  

Miss Phippen used to live and teach in Morogoro, Tanzania. Her friend and artist produced a beautiful piece of art, using kitenge fabric. Our fantastic Year 1 class used this as an inspiration to create their own version of the painting. 

‘In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.’ Year 2 worked hard to create a brave and colourful lion face. Each patch is unique, reminding us to celebrate our differences. A lion can symbolise strength, this piece of art encouraging us to see the strength that lies in diversity. 

Dressing up Day

Pupils across Elstree celebrated their heritage by dressing according to their cultural background. It was wonderful to see so much diversity – from Tanzania and Zimbabwe, to India and China. We had the privilege of listening to our guest speaker, Niyi Olu-Kuti, who spoke about Sharing Stories. We especially learnt the motto, Ask questions, Make Friends! 

What did the children think?

I really enjoyed dressing up and playing the music concert in my Punjab clothes (Jashn)

I liked the assembly and how we all guessed which countries we were from (Kweji)

I think it was really fun to see how many different cultures there were in our school (Daria)

It was amazing to see my friends dress up and show their roots (Thea)

Thank you

It was such a positive experience to see children ask each other questions about their cultures. Thank to everyone who took part and embraced our Cultural Heritage Week.