Cross Curricular Rugby World Cup Week

Pupils and Staff have thoroughly enjoyed a cross curricular week based on the Rugby World Cup. Every year group took part and every subject was covered.  The work from the week will be displayed in the front hall after half term.  Here is a summary of what was involved in the week:

Maths – Bearings between the major cities and stadiums have been measured and calculated on maps of Japan. A whole game was created by Mr Williams, which produced data for the Year 8 boys to crunch and evaluate. Pupils have been queuing to play the game all week!

Geography – Who will win? The country with the largest population? The country that is most wealthy? Factors were explored and data taken from the Atlas to predict who would be winners.

History – took an enquiry approach into the history of the game and specifically who was William Web Ellis? They even found his grave!

English – Studied the poem ‘Invictus’, and linked the meaning to Nelson Mandella’s belief, and the South Africans winning the 1997 Rugby World Cup. Poems were written and admired by all. Year 6 made Rugby World Cup advertisement posters with Mrs Payne as part of their lessons. These included flashy headlines and amusing articles.

Year 4 and 3  -The pupils in Year 4 did a whole cross curricular project producing a booklet on the World Cup in Japan.

Pre-Prep – The Pre Prep pupils made a wonderful display and the pupils had to guess who was going to win each week. There was a reward for the right guess!