Cooking with MasterChef Semi-finalist Annie Assheton

Mrs Assheton introduced 8SEW to 3 ‘doable’ recipes: carrot and coriander soup, soda bread, and treacle tart (this being the very popular amongst the class).  She took us through the steps of each recipe and told us how to avoid many simple mistakes that beginners might make, while politely advising us not to polish off the irresistible treacle filling.

We were very lucky to have her as she got through to the semi-finals of MasterChef and is very experienced in teaching others how to recreate her dishes. Along with making them, we also enjoyed them for lunch, and we were surprised by how well we prepared them, of course with her help! These 3 recipes have provided us with things to cook away from home at places such as university.  Overall, we were somewhat inspired by what delicious meals we could conjure up in the future, home or away.