Colditz Weekend

It has been a brilliant weekend at Elstree with the Escape from Colditz on Saturday night, which was terrific fun.  The pouring rain provided a very atmospheric backdrop as the escapees tried to make it from the Shooting Range to the campfire in Plantation, where a friendly member of the Resistance was waiting for them with an ‘airship’ to take them to safety.

Olly , Henry  and Jeronimo were the first to make it to safety and a further 34 managed to evade the guards and the searchlights, making it one of the most successful breakouts ever.  After a roll call to make sure everyone was accounted for, the boys all trouped back to the Long Room for hot chocolate and then up to the landings for hot showers and bed.  Thank you to Mr. Prichard for all his organisation of the evening.

On Sunday morning the boys had great fun making rockets with Mr. Attwood on the front lawn and blew off lots of steam on the AWP. In the afternoon the boys brought all their duvets, pillows and the bean bags in to the Long Room to watch a film.  Miss. Boyd had been into Newbury and made all the boys little goody bags of sweets to munch on while they watched the movie.