China Day at Downe House

China Day at Downe House was great fun. I loved learning about calligraphy and designing our own patterns for the Chinese fans. The fashion show was also fantastic with some very unusual and interesting costumes. The music was amazing:  two musicians played for us with instruments that I had never seen (a guzheng and an erdu). A band called ‘Transition’ also played for us and we all loved their music. We watched an ancient art dance which was really mysterious especially when the dancer changed his mask! In addition to this we learned how to write in Mandarin and learned the numbers from 1-100!

Overall it was an amazing day, learning about a different culture including their type of dance, art forms, language and music and I would love to do it again. All of the Year 7s from Elstree would like to thank the staff at Downe House for making this day so wonderful.

Jenson McKay, Year 7