Chapel Choir concert at St Mary’s, Beech Hill

“Quintessentially English” is how we would describe the wonderful Chapel Choir evening concert at St Mary’s, Beech Hill just before half-term. The church looked stunning with its beautiful mosaics and scented flowers, the sun shone, there were drinks and canapés and – most importantly of all – the choir was in fine voice. The choristers concentrated hard and gave a superb and polished performance. The choir is arguably at its best in the summer term having worked together as a team all year. They have become familiar with the repertoire and the combination of anthems, reading, congregational hymns and organ solos made for the most perfect evening.

As a Prep School, one of our priorities is to equip the pupils with skills for senior school and beyond, including one of the most precious of all – the ability to enjoy making music with others. As one parent commented afterwards, “His days at Elstree really have cemented something magical” and I hope every chorister went away from the evening with a spring in their step knowing they are firmly on the path of their special musical journey.

Thank you from St Mary’s

We received a very grateful letter from the churchwarden at St Mary’s with some quotes as followed:

On behalf of St Mary’s, Beech Hill, I wanted to thank you all for such a special evening of songs and anthems. Everyone in the village truly loves your visits and look forward to your arrival with eagerness. We feel very lucky to be a fixture on your performance tour…

You are unbelievably professional.  I know what busy lives you lead at school and that moments before you jumped on the bus you were out on the pitches playing sport, and yet when you turn your attention to the performance, it is seamless, beautiful and moving. We were all so impressed and everyone left saying they felt better than when they had arrived – the power of music, harmony and working together as a whole, as well as the effort and practice that goes into making such wonderful music…

I could go on and on – it was fabulous, a night to remember.  You made a lot of people in our village very happy – thank you and congratulations on a cracking performance.

Well done everyone involved for a wonderful performance.