Celebrating European Languages

A celebration of languages and cultures from around the world started with our ever-growing Postcard Challenge.  Well done to all those who sent them in. It’s been another very successful year.

North, South, East and West pupils entered all competitions with good spirit. Tasks ranged from quizzes to magic squares in different languages such as Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, German and French. The tongue twisters proved very popular with Years 7 & 8, particularly as they attempted pronunciation at a rather quick pace. Pupils also made an effort to speak French outside lessons, whether they were greetings or asking specific questions.

To top it all, 5PAS presented a fantastic assembly on “Learning languages” with a very nice introduction with the “Learning a language” poem by Olivia McMahon.

A particular thank you goes to all participant staff in the “guess the teacher’s language challenge”, which had an incredible turn out.  Pupils thoroughly enjoyed a whole day where staff spoke another language in and out of the classroom.

We also enjoyed a delightful lunch organised by Lara. The variety was excellent with the menu consisting of a Hungarian goulash, Italian pasta, a Briam Greek potato & courgette bake, Welsh cakes, a Polish beet borscht soup, a traditional French broccoli gratin, French beans, Italian breads, a Spanish omelette, a Dutch apple tart with crème anglaise and non-alcoholic Sangria.