Celebrating Boarding School of the Year Award

Last month, Elstree was delighted to be crowned Independent Boarding School of the Year at the ISOTY Awards 2020

Crowned Boarding School of the Year

To celebrate the prestigious accolade in style, Catering Manager Lara and team treated our boarders and staff to a sensational award-winning supper.

Held on the Thursday before half-term , the outstanding menu consisted of an array of foodie favourites.  These included mini burgers, prawns and macaroni cheese balls. But, the pièce de résistance, had to be the chocolate fountain for pudding, which needless to say, was extremely popular.

Head of Boarding Mr Hepburn commented on the night:

“Lara and her team put a huge amount of effort in to the evening, including balloons and party-poppers. We are so grateful to them for this, and for everything they do for us.”

The ‘After Party’

After the scrumptious awards supper,  our boarders raced upstairs for the Big Yellow Rubber Duck Hunt.  Invented by Mr Hepburn, the aim of the game was to find as many ducks as possible, hidden in the Boarding Houses, to win an edible prize (could they eat any more?). Once every duck had been found, it was time for our boarders to rest their weary heads. 

Boarding life at Elstree

Boarding life at Elstree is jam-packed full of fun and can start from Year 4. With the option to flexi, weekly or full board, and a huge variety of boarders’ clubs to choose from, there’s never a dull moment.

Boarders’ Clubs on offer include nearly everything you could possibly imagine: Lego, Hama Beads, Art, Chess, News & Views, Film-making, Backgammon, Torchlight Games, Touch Rugby, Nerf Wars, Coopers’ Cooking, Golf, Card Games, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Table Tennis, Indoor Games, Wide Game and M-Tech. 

Our flexible approach means that children can board anything from one to seven nights a week. They can build up the number of nights that they board gradually, and families are able to find the right balance between school and home life.  Boarding at Elstree also prepares children for boarding at their Senior Schools and beyond.

Can girls board at Elstree too?

Yes, absolutely. Some of our girls board already. Our new girls’ dormitory for boarding is affectionately named ‘Finlay’, after a much-loved former School Nurse.