Bucklebury Farm Trip

A greatly anticipated day finally arrived after counting down several sleeps. Nursery were off to Bucklebury Farm Park.  The weather was forecast in our favour and much excitement was being witnessed both at school and at home.  Whether the most exciting part was going on the bus that Miss Thornburrow was going to drive or if the farm park itself was the most anticipated was hard to tell.   The all important wheels on the bus was sung along with a new version of, Miss Thornburrow on the bus says shh shh shh!

On arrival, we were met by some very noisy donkeys that really made the children jump, with hands being quickly placed over their ears.  We were all very impressed with the children’s understanding of being gentle and using small voices around the animals and the comments and looks on their faces were a joy to see.  Flower, Lexi and Violet the Shetland ponies were a firm favourite with their soft coats and gentle natures.  The goats certainly caused the most hesitation as they jumped up onto their gate with great enthusiasm, but we were really proud of the children’s bravery when they had  a go at feeding and stroking them.    We suspect this was helped by the most wonderful pygmy goat called Houdini.  He was named this as his mother was an escape artist; he has certainly followed in her footsteps and followed us all around the park!  He was wonderfully gentle and patient with the children which was lovely.

The children had the opportunity to hold an array of animals in our farm session from the guinea pigs, Caramel and Porridge, to a mouse and even T-Rex the tortoise.  We were treated to a brief glimpse of some 3 week old baby rabbits and even got to stroke a tiny baby piglet.  Prancer was on holiday from Lapland which was very exciting too.  Of course there had to be time for a play as well and the children loved the slides.  Some even braving the blue one. To end our trip a turn on Woody’s Leap was a great challenge and much enjoyed by all the children.  I am glad to say that we returned with a group of happy and exhausted children, who all had a good night’s sleep!