Bucklebury Badger vs Thatcham Thunder

Result – Badgers win by 2 runs

 This was another one that got away for The Thunder and I’m sure there’ll be some boys waking up this morning rueing some missed opportunities.  The game followed a similar pattern to previous rounds with Gaspard winning the toss and inviting The Badgers to bat first. After Fraser knocked back Zac’s off pole with the second ball of the game, it was pretty easy going for the Badgers from then onwards. Uncharacteristically wayward bowling from Dyllan, coupled with numerous overthrows, gifted the Badgers too many runs. They ended on 235 having lost only one wicket.

 The reply started well with the now familiar opening partnership of Gaspard and Ignacio.  Boundaries were cancelled out by wickets as the Thunder stuttered in their run chase. Then a solid display from the middle order meant the final pair of Edward and Louis needed only 8 from the final 12 balls.  What happened next was arguably one of the champagne moments in EPL history.  Zac, making his EPL debut, found the edge of Louis’s bat… the ball seemingly travelling in slow motion towards Jamie behind the stumps.  Would he cling on to take his first ever catch in the EPL?! OF COURSE HE WOULD!!!!!! What a catch! A game changer!  With Mr Wyatt having come out for his first glimpse of the EPL action, the Badger fielders engulfed Jamie in celebration. What a moment….a moment from which the Thunder could not recover. A 2 run win for the Badgers and a gap now starting to open up.   

Badgers 4-1 Thunder