Breakfast Workshop

Jan Murray made her yearly visit to Year 1 to teach us about the importance of breakfast, what a good breakfast does for us and from where the ingredients come.

Firstly, we helped chop some fruit to make some delicious smoothies. Then porridge was served with a choice of sugar or honey. Although there was a debate about the favourite smoothie flavour everyone agreed that the porridge was scrumptious. The bowls were wiped clean and there was not a drop left.

We were then ready for the games to begin. We split into 3 teams and energetically played a variety of games including a sack race and egg and spoon race. We thought the eggs were real but Jan tricked us all – dropped one and to everyone’s surprise it bounced! The sack race produced lots of laughter as the children learnt to jump and not walk in the sacks.

A timely break allowed Jan and her helper Lesley to set up for the second part of the morning. On returning to the room, we were introduced to Buttercup the Cow. After learning lots of facts about cows we tried our hand at milking her with great success and little spillage!

Finally, we sowed some seeds of oats, wheat and barley and we eagerly wait for the green shoots to appear as we take care of them in the classroom.